Antique jewelry, art nouveau jewelry.

Mr.Elkan Wijnberg, CEO Adin

To know something about antique jewelry, one has to dig into many sometimes complex factors. Some of these will be touched upon in our antique jewelry glossary with around 1,500 entries. However, we do not intend to delve into matters too deep. To do that one would have to write an entire book about each antique jewelry subject. Besides, detailed information on all these is easily available online but be alert on what you read, not everything written is correct!

Reading this art nouveau jewelry, antique jewelry information won't make you an antique jewelry expert; you could see this as an overview or a first introduction into the interesting world of antique, art nouveau jewelry. Also be aware that whatever we (or anybody else) claims can be refuted by exceptions to the rule. A firm statement should not be believed as a matter-of-course. Go and invest! It is fun to try to understand the reason things are the way they are. Only a few among us do know it all (and we have not had the pleasure of meeting them yet). The more you know about antique jewelry the more you realize that you hardly know anything.

I wish you a pleasurable time browsing our site dedicated to art nouveau jewelry and antique jewelry!

Elkan Wijnberg