Adin's Wall of Fame

From: Catherine
Living in: USA


I'm new to your site and love it. I've spent a bunch of time sifting through information and beautiful examples of period jewelry. Thanks so much for putting your fine collection in historical context.

From: Andrew
Living in: Surrey - UK

Hi Tania

The ring arrived safely on the 23rd of December and I must say it's absolutely beautiful. Everybody has admired it, and it sparkles like a star! I cant thank you enough for your efforts to get the ring re-sized and delivered here in time for Christmas, it has been a real pleasure dealing with you and I would gladly recommend your products and services to anyone. I wish you all the very best in the future - many thanks indeed.

Oh, and of course she said yes!

From: Rosalie
Living in: Australia

Hi Tania,

Griffin arrived today and is fabulous as promised. Thank you again for a great transaction.

From: Kiyoko
Living in: Japan

Dear Madam Tania, Elkan,

Luggage was received today. It is wondaful goods. To tell the truth, it was a present for mother. It said so that she might also come very much. Thanks a lot, Kind regards

From: Sarah
Living in: France

Hi Tania,

The parcel arrived today. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly. The jewelry is absolutely beautiful. Will come back soon.

From: Eric
Living in: France

Hi Tania,

The ring arrived today in its extremely substantial packaging--it is beautiful and now fits perfectly. Thank you so much.

From: Ifigenia
Living in: Greece

Vielen herzlichen Dank fur den schonen Schmuck.

From: Sheri
Living in: Beverly Hills - USA

I just received the chain that I purchased from you and I couldn't be happier! I've spent the past 6 months looking for an antique chain that was significant enough without being too heavy to go with a late 18th / early 19th century French locket - and this is perfect. I look forward to receiving the next piece that I am purchasing from you.
Thank you again,

From: Gloria
Living in: USA

Your envelop arrived today and the diamond is a successful match! At first I thought it would be too bright compared to the other diamonds, but had the inspiration to gently clean the pendant. I hadn't realized it was so dirty! After cleaning the pendant your choice of stone matched so well it looks like an original stone. Extraordinary that this was all done using the Internet. Thank you so very much for your expertise and time involved with such a small purchase from you but I am extremely grateful to you for making my pendant wearable.

From: Rob
Living in: the Netherlands

Beste Tania,

Het pakketje is gisteren in goede orde aangekomen. Graag wil ik jullie nog bedanken voor de goede service en het leveren van een mooi product.
Hartelijke groet,

From: Sue
Living in: USA

Please let everyone know that the necklace arrived by Fed Ex on Monday with no problems. We are preparing for a party for the inauguration of our new president, Barack Obama. We have waited a long time for this and are thrilled to have a leader with a positive world view for America. Thank you for all your help. I will sign up for the newsletter.

From: Greg
Living in: US


The locket arrived yesterday (a day early !) and is exactly as billed and looks fabulous. My wife was extremely happy and it was exactly what I was looking for and could not find here in Dallas.

As you can imagine, buying objects online unseen-- especially objects online from a foreign country from a company you don't know can be a nerve-wracking experience. You and your staff were top notch and very professional and I was grateful for all of the help in getting the locket out quickly so I could give it to my wife in the general vicinity of Christmas. The process went flawless and the product was wonderful.

As I mentioned, your website design is spectacular. Nothing flashy or silly. Just easily accessible information, excellent search parameters, and very high quality and detailed photos that load quickly on the browser.

I will be sure to pass on your company and website to some of my colleagues here in Dallas with my recommendations.

From: Nancy and Paul
Living in: UK

Dear Mr Wijnberg,

Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you, on behalf of Paul and myself, for all your kindness and thoughtful advice in helping us choose our beautiful engagement ring on 10th October. We had such a lovely time with you in your shop. We were especially delighted that you shared your favourite pieces with us - you have so many stunning pieces! You really made the day special for us - the shop had such a lovely, serene atmosphere - and we will always remember our time in Adin with great fondness.

I'm sorry that this message is coming in the form of an email. We wanted to send a card, but it's been a real whirlwind in the past week (we have found a venue for our wedding reception, a photographer, and I've been trying on dresses), and the time has sped by before we managed it. It is all very exciting! I've had many compliments about the stunning ring -- it has been greatly admired and we know that we made exactly the right choice.

Thank you again, with our best wishes,

From: Melanie
Living in: USA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my package and am very pleased with the beautiful pendant. Thanks very much!

From: Arno
Living in: Nederland

Ik heb de broche in goede staat ontvangen. Een mooi en verfijnd sieraad! Mijn vriendin moet nog even wachten tot haar verjaardag in november, maar ze zal er ongetwijfeld heel erg verheugd mee zijn.

From: Christene
Living in: NZ

Dear Tania,
The pendant is finally in my hands and i did not have to pay anything extra!
I am very happy with the piece, it is very finely made and in such good condition....very pretty....
Many thanks to you and Elkan for all your help.

From: Sandra
Living in: USA

Dear Elkan,
Thank you so much for the ring and getting it to us so quickly - it's absolutely beautiful, I love it. Getting it re-sized now and will have it as my wedding ring next Sunday!
Thanks again

From: Redmond
Living in: USA

Dear Friends,
I just want to say that we are very, very happy with our new ring. After looking at it out of the box for ten seconds we were very happy with our product.
Thank you all kindly.
Don’t let the kids starve Adin!!
With thanks from us both.

From: Jennifer
Living in: USA

Package was received. Contents were beautiful as expected.
Thank you for your help.

From: Carolyn
Living in: USA

Tania, the pendant arrived today. It is perfect. Thank you so much for everything.

From: Gina
Living in: USA

The ring just arrived and it is wonderful!

From: Eri
Living in: Japan


From: Willem
Living in: Nederland

Beste Tania, dank. Nog 1 opmerking de collectie van ADIN is 1 item groter dan haar presentatie, jouw zorg en verzorging voor haar clienten verdient grote waardering en die krijg je dan ook hierbij, ik zal zeker niet de eerste en enige afnemer zijn die dat ervaart en erg waardeert, een voorbeeld voor velen en ik wil zeggen de extra item is de parel Tania. Hartelijk dank voor je contact en de uitvoering!! Het ga je zeker goed!
Hoogachtend en vriendelijke groet,

From: Rutger
Living in: Nederland

Dag Tania ik heb de ring vandaag in goede orde ontvangen, bedankt voor de snelle afhandeling. Hij is in het echt nog mooier dan op de foto.

From: Ian
Living in: UK

Parcel arrived yesterday. Very pleased with the purchase and the service from Adin.

From: Anne-Sophie
Living in: Sweden

I just want to tell you that I have received the pendant. It's lovely.

From: Robin
Living in: USA

Thank you very much. Everytime I order from your company, it is a pleasurable experience.

From: Gary
Living in: USA

I just recieved the three pendents. They are absolutely beautiful. You folks are the best. Thank you again.

From: Yvonne
Living in: USA

What amazing service! I look forward to using your services in the near future. You have a great website and beautiful items.
Thank you!

From: Janine
Living in: Nederland

Vanochtend zijn de sieraden, in goede orde, hier aangeboden. Ik dank jullie voor de zorgvuldige en spoedige afhandeling.

From: Beth
Living in: USA

I received my two items on Friday. They are incredibly beautiful! I am so pleased. I was very impressed with the whole process, the secure wrapping, certificates of authenticity, speed of the process, ease of ordering etc.
Thank you very much for everything!

From: Nic
Living in: België

Samen met mijn partner ben ik bij U op bezoek geweest ivm verkoop van goud. Bij deze wil ik U proficiat wensen met het sympathiek onthaal en de professionele regeling. Deze reclame wordt zeker doorgegeven.
Wat betreft uw website : zeer duidelijk en verzorgd.

From: Janet
Living in: USA

The beautiful earrings arrived today. I love them and hope they will sell to an appreciative customer. You have a most professional site and I hope to do business with you again.

From: Rémi
Living in: USA

Although I am getting back to you with a little bit of delay, I wanted to send our sincere thanks for the great quality of service and attention you guys provided. The ring came with good timing, and it was exactly what we expected from the description. The explanations and certificate also added a lot of depth and satisfaction and are an argument for choosing antiques over new rings. In addition, the updates you sent went a long way to quell the slight anxiety :) we had about making this kind of purchase online. Yours is truly a service to be trusted, and we intend to recommend it around us.

From: Christopher
Living in: UK

Just to tell you that the item has arrived safely (very fast and I am utterly delighted; it is a marvellous addition to our collection.

From: Jim
Living in: USA

I wanted to let you know that the ring arrived on time, in good condition, and that I am delighted with my purchase! Keep up the good work! Your jewelry is wonderful, but your service is even better! Thanks again,

From: Alvin
Living in: USA

Thanks for all of your consideration and assistance. I look forward to doing additional business with you in the future.

From: Rocco
Living in: USA

Thank you so much for your quick service and great item!

From: Hilde
Living in: Belgium

Dag iedereen bij Adin.
Na een heerlijke dag op stap geweest te zijn met een vriendin, kon mijn dag al helemaal niet meer stuk toen ik daarnet mijn hanger thuis vond. Hij is PRACHTIG! Heel eenvoudig, maar eigenlijk ook opvallend en daardoor heel speciaal! Bedankt voor de vlugge en degelijke levering!

From: Pouran
Living in: USA

I just received my beautiful necklace and I love it. I will begin saving today for next year when cherry blossoms are in bloom again. Have a lovely year!

From: Gary
Living in: USA

The slide necklace came in today in beautiful shape. I am deeply impressed with the job you did on the repair. I was very concerned that it would not be as nice as the original piece. When I saw how artistically and professionally you made the repairs I was in awe of your skills. My wife will be so pleased I do not know how to thank you for your efforts. Thank you so much

From: Christopher
Living in: UK

Thank you for your attention to my recent order. It arrived last Monday as projected by the FedEx tracking web site. My daughter was thrilled to receive the pearls and said they are beautiful. I will see them this weekend when she visits us. I will certainly recommend your store to others and will be back myself to look for earrings that compliment the pearls.

From: Cynthia
Living in: USA

Yesterday I received my lovely sapphire and pearl ring. It fits perfectly and I'm wearing it now. Thank you for the excellent service and the beautiful ring.

From: Walter
Living in: USA

The rings have arrived in time for my wife's birthday and she is thrilled with them. Thanks so much.

From: Philip
Living in: USA

Thank you for your prompt shipping. I received the earrings on Thursday, which was really excellent service, and I appreciate your kind attention. The earrings were as described and I am most satisfied.

From: Myra
Living in: USA

The earrings came and they are absolutely beautiful! Much prettier than in the pictures and much more delicate than I realized. Thank you very much for being so helpful.

From: Herbert
Living in: Switzerland

Eine wunderbare Brosche, meine Frau hat riesige Freude daran. Sie sehen es auf dem Bild. Wir danken Ihnen für das schöne Stück, Ihre kompetente Beratung und den vorbildlich reibungslosen Ablauf des gesamten Geschäftes. Auch herzlichen Dank an Ihr Team. Glückliche und freundliche Grüsse

From: Rosalie
Living in: USA

The griffin pin arrived safely yesterday It is more lovely than the photos. Thanks again

From: Ida
Living in: Netherlands

Ik heb vandaag het pakket ontvangen. Hartelijk dank voor de snelle verzending. Ik ben er erg blij mee.

From: Rebecca
Living in: USA

I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed looking at almost everything on your web site for several hours today. This is the first site I have found that all the jewelry is shown large enough to inspect and to enjoy. Also, the descriptions are excellent. Thank you for a most enjoyable web experience.

From: Judith
Living in: USA

Thank you so much for the email and I received the earrings today! They are quite beautiful, and I appreciate the certificate of authenticity as well. I am impressed with Adin and will definitely use your web site to view other possible purchases in the future. Thank you again.

From: Bev
Living in: USA

Thank you for the all time and trouble you and your staff have gone to for such a small purchase, it says a lot about Adin. I look forward to coming back to purchase further items in the near future.

From: Pat
Living in: USA

In a miracle of speed, my package arrived on Friday afternoon. I wouldn't think anthing could cross the ocean so quickly. Thank you for that. The brooch is lovely, a small miracle of beautiful design. The pearls are sweet and enchanting and the catch works very nicely. (that is always important, for me.) Thank you for the speed of delivery, the courtesy in transaction and the honesty in representation of your merchandise. I am certain to buy more pieces in the future.

From: Joachim
Living in: Germany

Hello from Hamburg, Germany !
The item arrived today. A very nice piece ! Thanks again for a smooth and convenient transaction. I am looking forward to having business again in the near future ...

From: Jim
Living in: USA

I have been very busy, but I wanted to let you know that the ring arrived on time, in good condition, and that I am delighted with my purchase! Keep up the good work! Your jewelry is wonderful, but your service is even better!

From: Donatienne
Living in: Belgium

Het voorwerp is goed aangekomen en is zeer mooi !

From: Christopher
Living in: UK

Just to tell you that the item has arrived safely, very fast and I am utterly delighted; it is a marvellous addition to our collection.

From: Maria
Living in: USA

Just got the bracelet, Kiyoko! Thank you so much!! It's beautiful.

From: Wendy
Living in: UK

The earrings arrived safely today, thank you. I am very pleased with them.

From: Gary
Living in: USA

Dear Elkan and Kiyoko,
The two slide bracelets arrived in perfect condition this afternoon. They are beautiful. I will give them to my wife tonight - I'm sure she will love them both. I can not thank you enought for all of the beautiful pieces you have helped me collect for my wife. She enjoys each of them and I certainly enjoy giving them to her. Thank you both.

From: Roxanne
Living in: USA

I just wanted to let you know that the locket arrived on Friday and it is SO beautiful. I'm very pleased, as I have been with every purchase that I've made from ADIN. Thank you very much for all of your help. I will be back for another purchase as soon.

From: Larry
Living in: USA

The brooch arrived this morning, in plenty of time. It is an absolutely stunning piece. Many thanks for your assistance.

From: Gary
Living in: USA

Thanks again Elkan, you always come through with beautiful treasures for my wife.

From: Jan
Living in: Nederland

Beste Danielle,
Een kort laatst mailtje om mede te delen dat de ring een bijzonder geslaagd verjaardagscadeau gebleken is. Hij staat prachtig en is 'in het echt' eigenlijk nog mooier dan op de foto. Hij past perfect. Hoewel het natuurlijk jullie werk is toch bedankt voor de fijne manier van zakendoen en de verleende service.

From: Estelle
Living in: USA

The pendant and chain arrived safely, and I am very happy with both. The chain really is an excellent match, and I may even keep it full length--I will try wearing it this way first in any case. It is such a nice antique chain. The necklace arrived just in time to accompany me and my husband on our tenth wedding anniversary trip to Venice this weekend. I love the old symbolism of the mistletoe. I thank all of you for your care and assistance with this order, and send my warmest wishes from Italy.

From: Pam
Living in: USA

Federal Express just delivered the pearls. The necklace is so beautiful! Many thanks for all your help during this time. I really love the color of the pearls and the size of the pearls. I hope to order something else from you in the future. Thank you again.

From: Anne
Living in: USA

I love your "updates"! They are always exciting and fun. Thank you for including me. I've bought a couple of things from you and enjoy them so much.

From: Donna
Living in: USA

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I recieved the parure today. You were right they are gorgeous! The ring fits perfectly, and they are none the worse for wear from all that travel. Thank you so much for all your help, know that these went to an ardent aquamarine lover (my favorite gem not to mention my favorite cut).

From: Susan
Living in: USA

I received the ring and have enjoyed it for several days now. It is absolutely beautiful, and you were right...I love it! Thank you again for all your help and patience.

From: Andy
Living in: USA

Just to let you know - the earrings arrived yesterday. My wife was very happy with them, so I'd like to thank you for all the effort in trying to get them to me as soon as possible.

From: Beth
Living in: USA

We have received the ring!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful. Thanks for everything!

From: Kumiko
Living in: Japan

Hi Kiyoko
I habe got the package yesterday night. The pendant is so beautiful, that I love it with great joy!
Thank you very much.

From: Emma
Living in: USA

I got the ring and I LOVE it love love it!!!!
It is so much more elegant in will look beautiful on my sister for her wedding!
Thank you so much!!!

From: Sandy
Living in: USA

I recieved my charm today. Thank you so much for all of your help! It is even more beautiful in person and i'm very very happy! I will continue to shop with you's been a pleasure.

From: Karen
Living in: USA


From: Pouran
Living in: USA

I just received my earings and I love them. I am so happy to have found you. best wishes

From: Tena
Living in: USA

Dear Kiyoko and Adin Jewelers - my earrings arrived this morning and I am utterly thrilled with them. They are stunning - even lovelier than I had expected.
Thank you so much.

From: Patricia
Living in: USA

the ring arrived safe and sound on Friday by FedEx.
its's beautiful and fits perfectly.
thank you so much.

From: Roxanne
Living in: USA

Hello Kiyoko, I wanted to let you know that the locket arrived safely and that it is GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for making this gift possible to my mother. The locket was even more beautiful than I had hoped. I will continue to check the ADIN site for more antique jewelry items.
Thanks again.
Kind Regards, Roxanne

From: Sanjeev
Living in: India

We received the eternity ring today at around 9.30 am. It is very beautiful and my wife is very happy with the gift.
Thank you

From: Tena
Living in: USA

This is to let you know that Fed Ex just delivered my necklace. It's gorgeous and thank you for the prompt service. I'm going out of town next week and I was hoping to receive it before I left. I enjoyed doing business with you and I hope to do more in the future. I am a fool for your jewelry.

From: Ton
Living in: Netherlands

The package arrived in time, my wife will be the happy and prowd owner of a beautiful ring at the party this weekend.

From: Karen
Living in: New Zealand

I am delighted with the rings, they are both fabulous, however, the ruby/diamond is exquisite.

From: Patricia
Living in: USA

Just to let you know that I received the pin a couple of days ago, and it's beautiful!
Thanks and best regards!

From: Peter
Living in: Belgium

Geachte, nav. mijn bezoek aan uw winkel op 24/10/06, waar ik uitermate geduldig en vakbekwaam werd geholpen wens ik na mijn aankoop aldaar over te gaan tot nog een aankoop. Mijn oprechte dank en tot binnenkort.

From: Anne
Living in: Houston, USA

My bracelet arrived today via FedEx and I'm just thrilled with it. It's my third item from Adin, and as always I'm very pleased. Thank you for the wonderful service!

From: Lindy
Living in: Chicago, USA

My beautiful exquisite 18K lapis fab arrived today via FexEx. I'm so pleased, I can't really express my delight in my new item. It is wonderful! Your service is incredible, I look very forward to doing business with your firm in the future. Thank you so much!!

From: Brad
Living in: Washington, USA

This is just a note to let you know how very much I appreciated the elegant manner in which Adin delivered the earrings. The package arrived this afternoon, with certificate, letter, and velvet lined box with a velvet purse for each earring -- absolutely marvelous! My wife adores them. Thanks for expediting their delivery in time for her birthday. All the best,

From: Catherine
Living in: Warner, USA

I want to let you know I received my medal yesterday and I couldn't be happier. It's even better than expected. Your pictures are always great, and each piece I purchased from Adin has been outstanding. Thank you so much again, and I'm sure I'll be shopping in the future

From: Antoinette
Living in: Rotterdam, Nederland

De oorbellen zijn gearriveerd, ik ben er erg blij mee!

From: Charidy
Living in: Saint Petersburg, USA

The ring arrived today and my new fiancee and I absolutely adore it. It feels as if it were made for my hand. I can't tell you how pleased I am with its appearance. Thank you so much.

From: Sue
Living in: Springfield , USA

It arrived this morning. Amazingly fast! And it is gorgeous. Your customer service is the best I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Thank you very much. Sincerely,

From: David
Living in: Sacramento, USA

The Turtle just arrived and it is a beauty. Many thanks for the superb service. I enjoy doing business with you because each purchase was just as presented. I have complete confidence in you and Adin. Quality is very important and Adin is the place to shop. Have a very Merry Christmas.

From: Anna & Jack
Living in: Skaneateles, USA

We just wanted to let you know that we got our package today and we LOVE the jewelry! It's exactly what we wanted! I'm sure Anna's obsession with your goods will continue.

From: Jamil
Living in: Sacramento, USA

We received our ring purchase yesterday and are very pleased with our order. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer support and your beautiful product. We will look forward to contacting Adin to fulfill our antique jewelery requests in the future. Cheers.

From: Joan
Living in: Port Angeles, USA

Package arrived today and I am quite pleased with my purchases as well as the promptness of delivery. Will check site often as I would feel confident to buy from you again. Thank you.

From: John
Living in: Hillegom , Nederland

Hi - The ring arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful. Thank you for you excellent customer service.

From: Jim & Erin
Living in: Miami Beach, USA

We just wanted to tell you that we love the diamond!!!

From: Jane
Living in: Shawnee, USA

I wanted to let you know that I like this brooch a lot. Often, it is hard to picture the piece when you see it on-line. I like this better than the picture. It is more than what I hoped. I really enjoyed doing business with you. Thanks for taking such good care of my interests.

From: Lonelyss
Living in: Shrewsbury, USA

I have received the earrings. They are absolutely delightful. Thank you!!

From: Lucy
Living in: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Thank you very much for everything! It's been great doing business with Adin. I will recommand your store to my friends as well.

From: Meghan
Living in: Wayland, USA

I received my purchase yesterday and it's beautiful. Everything was packaged well and arrived at lightning speed. I'm very pleased with both Adin's customer service and products and I look forward to buying from them again!

From: Paul
Living in: 's-Heerenhoek, Nederland

Thank you very much for all your efforts. The parcel arrived this afternoon and the ring is beautiful. Fits perfectly. Many thanks to you all for how this transaction was processed!!! Perfect

From: Peter
Living in: Chattanooga, USA

The parcel was delivered by FedEx today, and arrived in pristine condition. The ring is everything that I hoped it would be. Thanks for your outstanding service!

From: Dana
Living in: Schofield, USA

Good day! I received these earrings by Fed Ex yesterday and they are absolutely lovely--just the right size and exactly as promised. Thank you for your help in answering my questions and your prompt shipping--it was a pleasure doing business with you.

From: Stacey
Living in: Menomonee Falls, USA

I was soooo pleased to come home from work and I find my package with the lovely necklace and cufflinks inside. They are beautiful!! Thank you again for everything. I have decided to keep the cufflinks in their original packaging because I very much enjoy the individual bags each cufflink arrived in. Thank you thank you thank you.

From: Annie
Living in: Tescondido, USA

My ring arrived and is just spectacular-I love it! Thx, again for ya'lls professionalism and being just great to work with.

From: Sharon & Diana
Living in: Brea, USA

My package arrived today. You guys are so prompt and efficent. The pendant is even more beautiful and special in person. We are very thankful to be able to do business with you. We have already told others about your website and will continue to do so. Excellent work from all of you. Thank you and God bless you

From: John
Living in: Bolingbrook, USA

The pendant has just arrived today. I can not thank you enough for the quality in which this was sent to me. I am very impressed with the way your company does business. Most of all the item is better then I expected. Thank you for your extreme timely manner from beginning to end of my purchase. I will be purchasing from you again in the near future. Thank you again.

From: Emily
Living in: Texas, USA

I wanted to let you all know that the jewelry all arrived without trouble on Friday afternoon. I was very pleased with the pieces and hope that they will find good homes.

It was a pleasure to do business with Adin and I will check your inventory for more.

From: Lorna
Living in: Alhambra, California,USA

Hi Tania,

I received the pendant on Wed the 12th. I am so very happy. It is exactly what I wanted. I received it fast and I appreciate how you sent me the cookies, there good too. Does everyone there treat the customers so well. I will definately do business with you again.

I have looked all over the place to find a small medal like this with all the detail. I am so extremely happy with my purchase. I can't say thank you enough for all your help. I wanted a old piece too, which makes it even harder to find. I am so glad you had what I wanted, it's perfect. I could not have asked for more.

You have wonderful customer skills. You took care of me and got me what I wanted in a timely manner. I will tell everyone I know about you because you know how to take care of the customer.

Thank you ever so much

P.S. You made me feel special. Companies don't do that anymore and I thank you!!!

From: Katherine
Living in: San Jose, California, USA

Tania I received the items today and they are lovely..... Thank you so much for your prompt and attentive detail...... Also Thank you for the extra goodies they are much appreciated.... I will definitely purchase from your company again. I have already given your companies name to many of my co-workers..... Keep up the good work.

From: Roberta
Living in: Virginia, USA

I haven't wound the watches yet, but everything looks FABULOUS!!! I love everything, and thank you so much for the box of cookies, that was such a nice surprise. I am just afraid to go back to your website because I want to buy everything I see. You guys really are the best.

From: Carolyn
Living in: USA

The necklace arrived yesterday, and I just have to let you know I am genuinely thrilled with it! The necklace is even better than it looked in the picture, and the online picture was very good. I am quite impressed by its quality, particularly the fact that the design is on both sides of the necklace, and it is feels substantial. I am also very pleased with the condition of it.
Overall, I feel it is a great value for the money (even had I paid the full original price!). I also have to thank you for the level of communication I have received. I must say this has been one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I have had via the internet and even by catalog, and that is largely because your helpfulness made it easy for me. I will definitely keep checking back at your website, both to shop and to read the informational section you're putting together. I appreciate all the information you sent and will probably read all of it. And thank you for the cookies and candy too!
Thank you again for all your personal attention, Tania.

From: Debbe
Living in: USA

I have received the Jeanne d'Arc pendant and it is wonderful and worth all the effort! And what a thoroughly professional and stylish manner of packaging your company provides. I just loved the idea of the cookies and the Beatrix Potter tin (with the candies!) in which the pendant was shipped. Very clever and witty. I really enjoyed that. My sincerest thanks to you for your gracious efforts and charming demeanor throughout. I'm singing Adin's praises to my friends who are admiring the beautiful pendant! I hope I have occasion to encounter you again in my shopping forays on Ebay!

From: Susan
Living in: California, USA

I received the pendant today and it is beautiful. Thanks for the cookies too! I am very happy with it and glad to have finally have it as mine and not just looking at it on the website.

From: Francoise
Living in: France

I've received! I'm very happy, earrings are so beautiful in reality like in my idea...... so, I'm also very "touchée or émue" (I don't say in English) by the box of cakes! That's a very nice attention , and if possible to say all good thinks to Mr Adin :o)))))), if you have a Mr Adin?..... the littles thinks made the bigger joices? Merci et à bientot for the others earrings....

From: Louise
Living in: USA

Purchasing from you organization has been easy and professional. Thank you for all your assistance. The moment I saw the ring, I loved it. I'm looking forward to it's arrival.

From: Cheryl
Living in: USA

The ring arrived today, it is simply beautiful, thank you to you and your company for a WONDERFUL transaction!! I have left positive feedback for you on Ebay. And, I did not have to pay an import duty!!! so that was a plus too!! Also thank you for the wonderful chocolates and candy, it was a welcome surprise!! Have a great day, and good luck with all of your transactions on Ebay!!!

From: Rodrigo
Living in: Urbana, IL, USA

Just to say "thank you" for helping my future wife and my self in choosing the right rings for our marriage. You and the rest of the ADIN members make a wonderful team. Lourdes and I wish you the best in your coming future. I must say I am very glad I found your "e-store." I like both rings very much. Thank you for all those little presents you so kindly send us, especially the ring boxes; they are wonderful! I am very satisfied with my decision of purchasing those two rings. Thank you very much, and I'll for sure be keeping you in mind for other gift surprises I want to give my fiancé.

From: Susan
Living in: USA


From: Barbara
Living in: Kalispell, MT, USA

To all the Adin team....I have received my ring this afternoon and I love it!!!!!! I followed it's travels on my computer and it got here so quick...thanks for UPS!! You all have done a wonderful job and I would like to thank each and everyone of you....the ring fits no nicely.....thanks to all of have made my week!!! PS....the candy was delicious and the cookies too...tee...hee BJ in MT

From: Faye
Living in: USA

I just received the ring through UPS today and it is beautiful! Sincere thanks to all the members of the Adin team for making this purchase such an easy and wonderful experience. Thanks also, for the biscuits and chocolates, what a great (and tasty) surprise!

From: Lee
Living in: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hello! I want to let you know that I received your package yesterday. The two rings are wonderful! I'm especially intrigued by the miner's cut diamonds. As I'm sure you know, Adin is a few cuts above most other auction jewelers. Your items are truly exquisite! Also, I was charmed by the chocolates and the tin of cookies. What a nice touch! Thank you so much for your speed and responsiveness. You've made me feel like a valued customer. I'm looking forward to a third ring from you that should arrive next week. I'm sure that won't be the end of our relationship!

From: Kathy
Living in: Lebanon, Ohio, USA

My ring arrived Thursday and it is beautiful! And the size is perfect as well. Thanks so much for the fast professional services you provided, and thanks for those extra little goodies you included, they are a real treat! Best wishes, I look forward doing business with Adin again!

From: Trevor
Living in: Benicia, CA, USA

I've GREATLY appreciated the very personal customer service you've provided to me. In thanks, I've already referred at least 10 people to your web-site and at least 3 are serious about buying from you.

From: Peggy
Living in: Ridgecrest, CA, USA

Hi Barbara! I received the package today. The ring is really beautiful and looks even better than the picture. I am very pleased with our transaction. It was incredibly fast!!! Once again, it has been a wonderful pleasure to do business with you. Thank you for the chocolates and the cookies; they are delicious! Thank you also for the nice feedback. I have left positive feedback for you.

From: Kathryn
Living in: Manyville, TN, USA

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness in sending to your customers a greeting on Valentine's Day. Such gestures are most appreciated, as were the delicious treats at Christmas. I wear my Adin jewels often and always think of the pleasant transactions that were involved in their purchase. Again my thanks, and many joyful greetings of the day to you also!

From: Ann
Living in: Ormond Beach, FL, USA

Dear Barbara, thank you so much for the lovely card. I am alone and didn't expect anyone to treat me to a valentine card. You made my day. thanks again.

From: Mike
Living in: Hopewell, NJ, USA

I received my order today. Thanks for the prompt shipment. I was really surprised to get this in time for valentines day. I am very impressed with your service and jewelry. Thanks again.

From: Walter & Lidia
Living in: Park Ridge, IL, USA

Thank You very much for quick delivery. It was a very nice surprise, when we opened the package. One more time THANK YOU for making as happy.

From: Jeri
Living in: West Olive, MI, USA

Hi, I received the cross today and I love it. Thank you for the careful packing and shipping. wonderful candy... that was sweet of you. :)))

From: Harriet
Living in: Darien, Georgia , USA

I received the Huguenot cross from the ebay auction today, February 8 by UPS. The packaging was gorgeous! My friend (her birthday present) loved the presentation as well as the lovely cross. I was so pleased, and really appreciate the free wrapping and shipping.

From: Christopher
Living in: Lakeland, FL, USA

I have received the package, and am highly pleased with the product and packaging. Thanks for the exemplary service! I look forward to doing business again!

From: Harlee
Living in: New York, NY, USA

Let me begin by saying Thank you for all your time and effort. I truly appreciated all that was done . Your help was and is invaluable and I shall not forget it! The creme chocolates and cookies were delightful too. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future and feel as though we have developed a special relationship. That is what a successful concern does and yours is certainly that. I am quite happy with the watch and would like to know if you have any patek phillipe of the same or equal value. I am looking for other quality purchases. Please to advise. Thank you to Tania ; I hope she is well and Please to contact me as soon as possible with any information you think might interest me. I visit your web site all the time. Looking forward to correspondence from you I remain most cordially and respectfully.

From: Barbara
Living in: Endwell, New York, USA

I have received the package, and am highly pleased with the product and packaging. Thanks for the exemplary service! I look forward to doing business again!

From: Christopher
Living in: Lakeland, FL, USA

I have received the package, and am highly pleased with the product and packaging. Thanks for the exemplary service! I look forward to doing business again!

From: Susan
Living in: Moss Beach, CA, USA

Just to let you know that I just received my package today and all I can say is WOW! The ring is absolutely beautiful and it fits perfectly. And the packaging was superb. Not to mention the wonderful tin of cookies, datebook and chocolates. Adin is a top notch operation and I know I will forward your website to at least 2 friends of mine who are antique jewellry afficionados. Keep up the good work and thanks again for a beautiful piece and wonderful service! Best regard

From: Michal
Living in: USA

IHello, Barbara, I received my ring a few hours ago, thank you very much, and I am very pleased and excited to be able to wear it again. I will try to be more careful with it this time. Also I want to thank you personally for paying attention to it and the whole staff. I am sure that we will continue to do business again very soon.

From: Kathleen
Living in: Anderson, Indiana, USA

I tracked my order and noted it was delivered this morning at about 10:20 a.m.. It was difficult getting through my work day - I was very excited about receiving the ring. When I finally got home from work, I got the package and hurried to open it. I called my mother, so I could share the moment with her. What a nice surprise I found. Not only is the ring beautiful and it fits, but how delightful to find it among all the special goodies (cookies, candy, and book) you so thoughtfully sent along. Thank you so much for "making my day." My mother was excited too. She is going to be 81 this week and has never used a computer or seen one used. Even though we are separated by 250 miles, I know she enjoyed your surprise too. I will purchase from you again when possible. I will miss writing.

From: Suzi & Kirk
Living in: Walnut Grove, CA, USA

The package just arrived and the contents were overwhelming!! Thank you so very much for all the goodies!! Kirk snatched up the cookies and was inhaling them before I could even get the rings unwrapped! Our son will be begging for the chocolate when he gets home from school - guaranteed!!The rings are much nicer than we anticipated and if my step-daughter doesn't like her ring, I know who's collection it will go in (mine!). We have been extremely pleased with everything we have purchased from you and the rings are no exception. We wanted to you to know what a true pleasure it is to work with you. From: Adil
Living in: Ardsley, NY, USA

Thank you for the lovely pearl earrings and the very personal service.The sweets were a very considerate gesture.Hopefully I will buy again soon From: Cindy
Living in: Canada
What a nice and unexpected surprise! The cookies you sent just arrived in today's mail. Thank you very much! I just wanted to let you know that I do still check out your jewellery site and items on eBay and that I have shown my ring and referred many people to your site as well. Since my sapphire and diamond ring arrived here in Canada it has never been off my finger(it fit perfectly) . I just love it! Thanks again! I wish you continued success with your business in 2001! From: Ada
Living in: USA

Just as I was checking status of package UPS delivered. I love this gentle little ring it is just what I needed. I am very impressed with your service and will continue to review your auctions. Thank you for all the little EXTRAS they were a pleasant surprise. From: Robert
Living in: UK

I received the ring this morning and am really delighted with it, the resizing was a perfect fit for my wife.I have bought a lot of rings from internet sites around the world and I have to say that dealing with your company has been the best I have encountered to date,Also thanks for the chocolates.I will be looking at your site and auctions whenever I am online and would hope to purchase from you again in the future. Many thanks to you and all the Adin team. From: Japan
Living in: USA

The pendant arrived this morning and I could not be more happy with it!! I have the perfect chain to go with it. Everything from Adin is superb. I don't know how any of you can work there and still have any money. I would be spending all my salary on jewelry and then some! My next purchase is going to be the 18K bicolor retro ring. This would make a dynamite pinkie ring, but you will have to give me a week or so. I need to recoup my finances from too much holiday spending. I'll be "talking" to you soon.

From: Elizabeth
Living in: USA

I have received the ring today. I thank you for the prompt speed that I received the ring, and for the lovely surprises that came with it. I will leave you positive feedback.

From: Virginia
Living in: USA

I received my ring and am thrilled with it! Thanks for the quick shipping and the chocolates were an excellent little surprise! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

From: Donna
Living in: USA

Thanks so much. I wish I could go to Florida to the show your attending to meet all of you. Don't sell anything I'd want. Take care!

From: Rodrigo
Living in: USA

Thank you for the prompt service given in delivering my order. Everyone is fascinated by it. I will be keeping in touch with you in the future.

From: Susanne
Living in: Virginia, USA

I received my ring yesterday afternoon and it is absolutely lovely! I appreciate all of the documentation also and the professionalism of your company. Thank you for the chocolate -- that was a nice touch, whenever a co-worker travels to Belgium they always return with chocolate from Belgium. Best wishes to your e-mail business.

From: Bonita
Living in: USA

I received the gorgeous ring mounting. Shipping was much faster than most purchases made in the States. Thank you so much for the surprise gifts. The Day Planer is a wonderful way to look at antiques and keep track of my schedule. The cookies and chocolate were delicious. I wish you a wonderful holiday and a New Year filled with happiness and prosperity!!! Thanks again.

From: Karen
Living in: USA

I just wanted to let you know the ring and pendant arrived this morning and are absolutely stunning -- the packaging and the extra gifts were unexpected pleasures -- I am overwhelmed -- thank you so much -- I am now spoiled and expect this treatment from all merchants. I am delighted and will definitely be ordering from ADIN again as well as telling everyone about this remarkable store/seller Thank you!

From: Kate
Living in: USA

Chomie, Jenny, Barbara, and all the ADIN team -- I received my ring just now. I'm so very pleased and excited -- your service was superb, the packaging delightful (my son is not here right now, but I know he'll thank you for the cookies especially!), and the ring even prettier than pictured. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, and a wonderful Christmas present. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all -
P.S. I'd very much like it, as well, if you would give some thought in the future to attending a trade show farther north than Miami! From: Sherry
Living in: USA

Dear Adin team, I wrote you from work that I had received the package when my husband called to tell me that it had arrived. I opened it when I got home a what a nice surprise. I love the ring and the packaging was excellent and special. Thank you for the extra nice touch. May you all have a great and blessed holiday season! From: Joie
Living in: USA

Got It. Another wonderful Adin experience. The bracelet is even more fabulous than I could have imagined. Thank you all so much!!!!! Enjoy your New Year's celebration. I hope you'll get a day off from "baking" those delicious butter cookies! I will serve them with champagne at I'll be thinking of you! I will say a toast to my "bauble-buddies" as I raise my glass and see the sparkle of my Mogok on one hand while I wave my gold, pearls and diamonds on the other to the sounds of Nat King Cole, Simon & Garfunkel and perhaps a bit of Klezmer just for fun! From: Audrey
Living in: Chicago, IL, USA

Hello, I received the Limoges ring today and it is just beautiful. Thank you so much for the fast delivery and for sizing the ring, also for the candy. Have a happy holiday and once again thank you!
From: Susan
Living in: Downingtown, PA, USA

Happy Holidays - and days, and days - to you and the rest of the Adin team. We just opened our box of Christmas cookies - how very thoughtful of you all. They are delicious. Thank you, and continued success with your web site. I love the jewelry I have purchased and have been delighted with your service.

From: Aj
Living in: Rome, NY, USA

HI received the cookies today. Thank you very much, the pleasure was mine to shop at your store . I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

From: Doreen
Living in: Lewes, UK

I'm not sure that I'm emailing the appropriate department, but this is to thank you for the lovely surprise of a tin - lovely design - of biscuits. What a great idea! My server is not so good, so I cannot always easily access your site, so I was glad of the reminder of your lovely things. I've enjoyed wearing my beautiful ring and will be sure to check out your activities - server permitting - and hoping that I now have more than one way of getting into the sites. Thanks also for the thanksgiving card - I couldn't see it, but the thought was kind. Best wishes for the season.

From: Rebecca
Living in: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

I received my ring today and I would like to thank the Adin team for their really outstanding service. The ring is superb and the little extras in the parcel were excellent. At all stages the team have been wonderfully efficient - this is e-commerce as it should be. I shall be recommending your shop to my friends! Many, many thanks

From: Joe
Living in: Columbia, South Carolina, USA

The rings arrived today. They are lovely, and I am very impressed with your service. Everything was packaged beautifully, and I appreciate the extra touches such as the chocolates and the calendar. My wife will have a very happy Christmas. Thanks to you and to the entire Adin team. I will be back for more and I will tell others about your service. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!!!

From: Susan
Living in: Roswell, Georgia, USA

Just want to say Thank You very much for the lovely date book and the delicious cookies! That was such a pleasant surprise!! Wishing all of you the most wonderful of Holidays, and the best in the New Year,

From: Donna
Living in: Dallas, TX, USA

Thanks so much for the cookies and the book. You have a nice looking group of people working for you. Thank everyone for the great service. Like I said before you have the best customer service I have ever seen. That does make you #1. Take care.

From: Susan
Living in: Royal Oak, MI, USA

I just received my earrings today and I absolutely love them! What a gorgeous purchase! Also, thank you for the cookies, chocolate, information on Antwerp, and date book. (My husband was delighted that there were treats in the package for him, too.) The packaging was fine, and you have been a pleasure to work with! I appreciate your help and will watch your auctions carefully, as you have beautiful merchandise. Have a wonderful holiday season!

From: Carol
Living in: Lawrenceville, NJ, USA

I received the ring today. Everything was perfect, and I am amazed that the package was delivered so quickly! (It takes longer than that to receive a card mailed from my own town.) Thank you.

From: Liew
Living in: Dobson, NC, USA

The Huguenot Cross arrived today. My wife loves it. She had one she bought in Germany many years ago and lost the dove 2 years ago. She was so upset. We looked for one when we were in Paris in 1999 but could not find one. Thanks for putting this one on e-bay. Thank you also for the positive feedback. I have posted you some positive feedback also. Thanks again for making this so quick and easy. My wife was so excited she gave me the chocolate. You are a classy organization.

From: Kathy
Living in: Centerville, Ohio, USA

" Thank you again for your kindness and courtesy. I received the earrings today from UPS and they are lovely. I will recommend you highly. "

From: Suzu
Living in: Japan

" I received the ruby pendant today and it is arrived in good condition with beautiful package. Oh, what a pretty pendant! Thank you for your fast transaction again and my sincere regards to all Adin's staffs. "

From: Gill
Living in: Surrey, Great Brittain

" I received my jewel today and am absolutely thrilled with it, the emerald is an especially nice colour, better than the pictures. Thanks to you and all the Adin team indeed. I have told all my friends about you and given them my highest recommendation. "

From: Diane
Living in: Boulder, Colorado, USA

" Dear Adin Team,
Thank you for the professional and prompt handling of my jewelry purchase. Both sets of earrings are beautiful. The packaging is the best I've seen! "

From: Leyna
Living in: San Jose, Calfornia, USA

" Hello Tania. I forgot to email (until this morning.) I did recieve the ring, and it is just beautiful and it fits perfect!!! Thank you so much for offering your great items on ebay! "

From: Leta
Living in: Poquott, New York, USA

" I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but I left for England right after my package arrived. Just want to say I am very impressed by the item, and how closely it was described via Ebay. It's a wonderful piece, and I am sure I will be able to sell it at my shop. Thanks so much! I hope to do business with you again. "

From: Toyoda
Living in: Japan

" J'ai recu de vous un paquet. Les bijoux sont tres beaux! Merci beaucoup "

From: Phyllis
Living in: River Ridge, Los Angeles, USA

" Hello Jenny, Barbara, Tania, and everyone else at Adin! The earrings arrived today and they are splendid! Thank you for the superb service. I like your new web store very much, too. Feedback has been posted. Until next time, "

happy Gudrun :-) From: Gudrun
Living in: Gifhorn, Germany

" Dear Tania, today I got the your wonderful earrings! I am very delighted and my husband promissed that he would allow me to buy one further pair of earrings at christmas time from adin. I am going to send you a picture from me and my wonderful new earrings. Look this is how one looks like who is happy. Please send my regards to Jenny and the adin-team."

From: Yuko
Living in: Japan

" Dear tania and jenny, Thank you for your cooperation. I surely received my parcel today. These four (4) items are so nice!! Quick delivery and nice items!! Great Adin!! When I find a favorite again, I want to do more business again. I am really happy to know Adin Team. "

From: Ellyn
Living in: East Meadow, New York, USA

" Unbelievable-- The Pendant arrived at Newark Airport @6:20 Am and already has been delivered to my husbands office at 10:30 AM-- (Newark is a good hour away) Long Island-- You said that it would take 2-3 days I did't get a chance to turn around!! Unbelievable- Thank you so much -- I have not seen it yet my husband said that he would bring it home lunchtime -- he said that it was quite nice Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and I hope to visit you again sometime soon. By the way fyi -- I would like to let you know that your auctions are my Favorite -- If nothing else I love looking at the Jewelry and the beauty of the pieces. -- "

From: Katharyn
Living in: Kinross, Great Brittain

" Dear Jenny, Barbara et al:
I'm absolutely amazed that the Cartier ring (le must de cartier) is here already! So well packaged - an excellent service from start to finish! Congratulations on a really premier service. Thank you too for the kind feedback. Have been happy to reciprocate, and I hope we can do business again. Good luck to all in your Ebay business - and for your new website. "

From: Alicia
Living in: Poway, California, USA

" The pendant arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful. I am very pleased. And I didn't have to pay an import fee on it. Your UPS service was very fast. Much faster than what we get here in the United States. Packages sent here in the United States usually take up to 2 weeks to get. Thank you and everyone there for everything. This has been a wonderful experience as well as corresponding with you, Barbara,Jenny and Frank. Thanks again for everything. Take care and may God bless you all, "

From: Lydall
Living in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

" The pendant arived yesterday, and I'm afraid it left me speechless !! I did leave feedback today, finally, but no words seemed adequate (or appropriate in that forum) to express the awe that I felt. The other wonderful surprise was that there were no customs or other charges ..... my fears relieved ! With great appreciation for it, and for all that went into your making such a treasure available to someone so far away from you, "

From: Alicia
Living in: Poway, California, USA

" I must say, your company has the most unique and lovely pieces of all I have seen. I only hope I get a chance to be a repeat customer of yours either from buying on line at your store or perhaps someday win one of your auctions and then we'll both earn a number from e-bay. All I can say, is keep up the good work and am looking forward to seeing what you have new to offer on the pieces you get in and sell. "

From: Penny
Living in: Casper, Wyoming, USA

" Sung to the music from Disney's song .....
Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee aaay,
My oh my what a wonderful day,
Plenty of sunshine coming my way,
Also my ladybug, what can I say,
She arrived beautifully, first thing today.

Thank you to the whole Adin team and team work that made it happen so nicely and quickly. Very much appreciated. Thanks. "

From: Michal
Living in: New York, New York, USA

" Ma bague est magnifique, merci.... Je pense que la date du nouveau magasin approche et je voulais vous souhaiter a vous et tout le personnel beaucoup de joie et reussite dans un avenir resplendissant (comme vos diamants!!.) Entre temps bonne chance et mazal tov!! A bientot, bien sur "

From: Michal
Living in: New York, New York, USA

" J'ai recu aujourd'hui ma bague et je remercie tout le personnel pour son efficacite et professionalisme. Sublime!!! J'en suis ravie! Je te remercie surtout toi, Barbara pour ton charme et ta gentillesse. Voila, merci encore une fois,et a la prochaine . Mes amities, "

From: Susan
Living in: Melbourne, Florida, USA

" I want to thank you so-o much. I have received the pendant, and immediately placed it on a chain. It is around me as I type. I am most pleased with it. I am of the Italian heritage and have wanted a "nice" millefiori pendant for quite a while. This one is beautiful. It will be passed on to my little granddaughter one day. I will be posting you positive feedback and hope to do business with you again. "

From: Cynthia
Living in: Goshen, Indiana, USA

" Received items in fantastic condition. Have already worn and received many compliments. "

From: Deborah
Living in: Newport, Rhode Island, USA

" Just writing to let you know that I received my earrings today. They are so cute. I just love them. Thank you for all of your help. I hope to buy more from you in the future "

From: David
Living in: RALEIGH, North Carolina, USA

" I recived the items today. They are just lovely! I am very pleased. Thank you so much for the positive feedback placed in ebay. I will reciprocate, of course. This has been without a doubt the best transaction I have yet experienced on ebay. You are a delight. Thanks again. I'm sure we'll be exchaning e- mails again soon. "

From: Margot
Living in: Sonora, California, USA

" Oh My! What a wonderful way to start my Monday morning! I cannot believe it is here so fast. But it is and I am stunned! I knew I would like these things, but they are so! Thank you so very much. All the rings fit just like they were made for me. The snake bracelet is outstanding. It feels like I have worn it for many years. I am jazzed! I'll be saving my money for my next visit to your wonderful jewels. You both were very nice to me and extremely helpful and patient. I appreciate your time. Best wishes, and once again, thank you! "

From: Michal
Living in: New York, New York, USA

" Hello, I just received my ring this morning.I am very pleased with it, with the excellent and prompt service and the smoothness of the transaction. I can see myself becoming addicted to these auctions and becoming your best and favorite customer. Merci et a bientot, "

From: Sandra
Living in: Eastwood, NSW, Australia

" My children & I have been able to see you and the kangaroo on your webcam. It was lots of fun for them to see it as they helped me pick the kangaroo for you. My 6 year old daughter Aria particularly liked watching you all at work, and seeing the kangaroo sitting on your computer. I received the diamond yesterday. It is just beautiful and my husband and I are really thrilled with it. I have to say that I was just a little worried as I have never before bought something on ebay or via the internet. I know some of our friends and family thought we where perhaps a little crazy to take the risk. But everyone who has seen the diamond so far really like it. Once again thank you and take care. Regards "

From: Pat
Living in: Surrey, England

" package arrived early in uk, what a way to brighten a dull english morning , it is very very beautiful has been a pleasure dealing with you. ps thanks fore the additional goodies. "

From: Christine
Living in: Portland, Oregon, USA

" Dear Tania and everyone at ADIN, The diamond lavaliere arrived in the mail today. May I tell you pleased and thrilled I am. Rarely have I gotten anything from eBay, that has so overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations. The lavaliere is stunning! The craftsmanship, diamonds, and overall appearance are just too beautiful for words. I want to thank you for the care with which you wrapped the package, also for the little gifts of the bag and Antwerp brochure. I have been to Europe several times, but never to Belgium. If everyone there is as gracious as all of you are at ADIN, I will definately make Belgium a priority on my next visit. I tried to leave you a very positive feedback on eBay, but their system only allows for feedback on completed auctions. As this transaction was conducted privately, I'm afraid I couldn't leave feedback. However, I do want all of you at ADIN to know how very pleased I am, and that I will be watching your auctions for other jewelry items in the future. Many thanks and best wishes to you all, "

From: Jenny
Living in: Charleston, West Virginia, USA

" ANY-DAY-NOW WAS yesterday!!!!!!! IT Was In The Mailbox!!!!X100000000..... IT IS Perfection with my stone, more than I EVER dreamed it would BE! I was going to say 'we need to leave +POSITIVE Feedback, but we've been sharing that all along; WITH Each Other! Thanks SO 'Muchly'! [I make up words too] HOPE 2 hear from you soon! Thanks to you All, Wishing you Joy to Infinity, "

From: Sara
Living in: Waipahu, Hawai, USA

" I just wanted to let you know I received my beautiful ring yesterday. My neighbor couldn't stop laughing at me the way I ripped into my package. I don't think there is anything in the world that makes a woman happier than jewelry. I love your antiques, and your service is excellent. Keep up the good work. Mahalo.(thank you in Hawaiian). "

From: Ann
Living in: Asheville, NC, USA

" I recently won a lovely ring via an auction on eBay. In the course of writing and processing payment, I have struck up a correspondence with two of your employees, Tania and Jenny. Both are wonderful, friendly, helpful, and prompt. I definitely hope to do business with your firm again mainly because of my interactions with them! Please note my customer satisfaction in their "files", and if you can do so, give them a raise! Thanks so much. Best of luck in all your business at Adin! "

From: Jan
Living in: Bell Harbor, NY, USA

" Your Vegas experience could not possibly measure up to the thrills in my little house. There are no words to describe the JOY! My Mogok is outstanding! I feel like I've got a "stop light" on my hand. I AM going to stop traffic with this bauble! I think I may walk into Christie's or Sotheby's just for the snob appeal. I feel like an elegant princess for sure. Tania, Barbara and team ... and of course, Messrs. Edel and Wijnberg wherever you are. . . Do let me know if either of you guys is interested in getting to know a nice Jewish princess from Brooklyn? Because I'm already in love with your whole Adin family. Your forever fan, Jan (Now you may call me: Joie de Adin) "

From: Cyndy
Living in: Fairfax, VA, USA

" Although we have never met (which I will correct one day) I feel as if I know each of you. The Butterfly Cross Pendant is so beautiful I want to cry. I am at a loss for words. Inadequate as it is, please thank everyone for me. Fondest regards "

From: Susan
Living in: Roswell,Georgia, USA

" Just want to let you know that I just got the ring. I'm thrilled, it's absolutely stunning!! And what a nice surprise to find the beautiful appointment book in the bag also! The brochure of Antwerp is gorgeous-makes me want to visit. I've been to Brussels, but left almost right away for Paris, now I wish I'd gotten to see more of Belgium! Many thanks for the kind feedback, I've left the same for you. I hope we meet again on eBay (or maybe in Antwerp!!). "

From: Peggy
Living in: Ridgecrest, California, USA

" I received the beautiful pendant via UPS today. I am VERY pleased. It is everything you said it would be. Thank you very much! Also, thank you for the date book, all of the literature and the Belgium treat. It was delicious!! Thank you for all of your help and for making this transaction VERY easy. This was my first purchase outside of the USA and I was a little concerned with what I might encounter as far as shipping, currency, customs, etc. You made it very easy and an absolute pleasure! It would be a pleasure to do business with you again. "

From: Michalene
Living in: Eastpointe, Michigan, USA

" Dear Adin Team; The earrings I purchased from you arrived today and I am pleased beyond words. I am also a little surprised by all the extras you sent to me. Thank you for the datebook, and the confections and the silver keepsake holder. I have always been lead to believe the belgian confections are some of the best in the world, but have never had the opportunity to try them for myself. Thank you for that very pleasant and marvelous tasting treat. I will leave glowing feedback for you and thank you all for your courtesy. "

From: Yvonne
Living in: Staten Island, New York, USA

" Received the ring on Monday. It is truly beautiful. Thank you so much. "

From: Cathy
Living in: Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA

" Hello everyone at Adin, I received the beautiful ring today and I love it! And thank you so much for the extra "surprises" in the package! It was a pleasure doing business with you. "

From: Robert
Living in: Clevedon, North Somerset, UK

" We received the ring yesterday and my wife was very pleased not only with the beautiful ring but by your company's presentation with the lovely diary and chocolates, we will be looking at your website with interest and hope to buy some more items from you, we will also try to visit Antwerp and your shop sometime in the future. Once again THANK YOU. "

From: Melissa
Living in: New York, New York, USA

" I wanted to let you know that I received my package today. The ring is absolutely charming -- I couldn't be more pleased. "

From: Betsy
Living in: Olympia, Washington, USA

" Just wanted to let you know the earrings arrived today and I love them! Thank you again for another wonderful transaction!! "

From: Gene
Living in: Plymouth, Michigan, USA

" Just a note to let you know that the earrings arrived, and they look beautiful! I attached a picture of my daughter (my sweetheart) modeling them. "

From: Trish
Living in: Houston, Texas, USA

" Wanted to let you know my lovely rings arrived the other day and they are just perfect. The presentation, chocolates (lasted less than a minute), and date book are greatly appreciate. Your company has been a delight to do business with. Thanks "

From: Donna
Living in: Dallas, Texas, USA

" Thanks again and again and again.......... Do you guys have a Adin rehab? "

From: Jeanette
Living in: Lawrence, Kansas, USA

" My ring arrived while I was away on business. I was excited to see the package upon my return yesterday. I do appreciate your prompt delivery!
The ring is wonderful, just as it was in the photograph. The condition was well represented, no surprises! Of course, it is even more beautiful in person.
The paperwork was extremely well done in content and very nicely presented. Having done a great deal of appraisal work myself, I applaud your professionalism and thoroughness. Here in the US, we see a lot of inflated 'appraisals' which are nothing more than deceitful sales tools. I hope your other customers will value your documentation as well. "

From: Nora
Living in: Missouri, USA

" Dear Barbara - You are so kind - My goal is to have as fine of things as you do someday. Take care, and please thank your boss for me as well - and let him know he has a big fan in Missouri! "

From: Stan
Living in: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

" I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful inspirational piece! My girlfriend wore it last night & felt very special. I have never seen such a box of surprises(including the BEST chocolate & artsy calender/log book). My girlfriend & I now want to visit your country!!! Thanks Again, "

From: Amanda
Living in: Laurel, Virginia, USA

" I received my earrings this morning and I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!! What a wonderful way to start the work-week! I will definitely leave positive feedback for you and am looking forward to making more purchases from you. Thank you again!!! "

From: Gene
Living in: Plymouth, Michigan, USA

" The earrings arrived this morning -- they are absolutely beautiful. I can't tell you how much I was impressed by your package presentation, speed of delivery, and the jewelry itself. "

From: John
Living in: Hong Kong, China

" Parcel arrived safely today and I am, as usual, very pleased with my purchases "

From: Betty
Living in: Houston, Texas, USA

" The package came yesterday. Thanks. The earings are great & so was the rest of the package. "

From: Martha
Living in: Richmont, Vermont, USA

" Thanks for your prompt and informative response Barbara. I'm also happy to report I received my first Adin purchase today (18k diamond ring) and it was even better than expected. I hated to leave the positive feedback for fear too many people would find you! You'll be hearing from me often! "

From: John
Living in: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

" Just wanted to let you know that the ring arrived this am & I couldn't be happier with it! Subtle elegance, just what I was looking for & my girlfriend will be thrilled when I give it to her on her birthday. Thank you & the Adin team. "

From: Diana
Living in: Camden, Maine, USA

" I wanted you to know the ring arrived safely and it was a pleasure doing business with you! "

From: Ruth
Living in: Hulbert, Oklahoma, USA

" Thought I would let you know I received my purchase safe and sound thank you very much.It is beautiful.I am quite pleased. "

From: Karen
Living in: Fort Myers, Florida, USA

" i received this beautiful gift yesterday, on 10 April 2000. what a joy to open......oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a lovely package and Belgium chocolates........i felt spoiled and would pay just for the packaging .......i love packaging ..........thank you all for being so kind. My earrings were worn today and they are apart of me.......thank you for the calendar many extras that i did not expect. WOW! I am overwhelmed..........this is better than Tiffany's !!!!!!! .......the presentation was soooo beautiful......i opened it in front of my husband to show him how thanks is not enough..... "

From: Tricia
Living in: Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, USA

" I received the box - thank you for the extra gifts. Thank you also for all your consideration throughout the transaction. You were especially helpful and it is appreciated. "

From: Beth
Living in: Manalapan, New Jersey, USA

" My goodness that was fast! I expected the whole thing to take a couple of weeks! Just got home a little bit ago and there was this big package on the kitchen table. When I read the return label, I thought 'what on earth could this be?! I only ordered a 'little ring'.....
....... She is absolutely charmed with the ring, but after looking over everything extra you so thoughtfully included, she exclaimed, 'I just can't believe somebody went to all this trouble for one little ring!' Her delight with everything has been worth more than I can express in words...and I want to thank you for 'making the day' for both of us!! I have tried to leave a positive feed back on eBay, but apparently unless the actual purchase is made via the auction (and not a private sale), it can't be done. So please accept this note as a heartfelt 'thank you' to you, Tania, and the whole ADIN team. Warmest regards, "

From: Jane
Living in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

" My Lovely Friends: The earrings came today, and they were beautiful as always. Thank you for the delicious chocolates as well! "

From: Miriam
Living in: Des Moines, Iowa, USA

" I recieved the ring today!! It is very pretty and dainty. Thank you for everything. Hope to be able to buy from you again. Thank you also for the extras they were an added surprise. Could not believe how fast it got here. "

From: Donna
Living in: Dallas, Texas, USA

" I got to say you guys are my favorite people to buy from. I've had several people e mail me from ebay asking about you and I really can't say enough good things. The people here in the US could take some lessons from you guys on customer service. Thanks again. "

From: Dean
Living in: Long Beach, California, USA

" Hello everyone at Adin!! I wanted to thank you for the wonderful gifts you sent with the St. Christopher medal. The chocolates were superb and I really appreciate the tin and the book. I'm extremely satisfied with the medal and look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks again!! "

From: Margot
Living in: Old Chatham, New York, USA

" The wonderful package arrived a little while ago and once again, I am thrilled. You do everything so very nicely.
1) The choclate is gone, and my husband isn't even home - heheh
2) The ring is on my finger, and I doubt it will be for fits perfectly and is great fun.
3) The Pendant is wonderful, and please, should you ever be able to get another, I would love to have it.
I shall check all your new listings over the weekend, and I send the best to you and all at Adin. Thank you again. "

From: Laurence
Living in: Tipperrary, Ireland

" Today I received Your cufflinks together with Your famous Belgian chocolates and a very beautiful diary. Thank You most sincerely for this kind gesture. Although I have bought many nice objects during my lifetime, this was my first ever purchase at an auction.As a result,this perticular sale will stay with me always. I have a feeling that luck was on my side You being the dealer. You obviously are tops at Your profession. Thank You for treating me with kindness and efficiency and I have no doubt we shall trade again. "

From: Janet
Living in: Riverdale, New York, USA

" UPS arrived early this morning and I was able to wear my ring to work! There is nothing typical about this "typical retro 40's ring"; It is just beautiful, and thanks to the Adin Team it fits perfectly. My best friend was so jealous that even as I write this note I know she is looking at your auctions! Again, I thank the Adin Team. Spending money should always be this rewarding and fun! "

From: Vicky
Living in: Redwood City, California, USA

" I just love to get your packages. The item is always beautiful and just exactly as you describe and the little extras are wonderful. Thanks so much. "

From: Jean
Living in: Amsterdam, New York, USA

" Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The package arrived today, and the medal is even lovelier than I pictured it; I am wearing it, already. Please express to the Adin team my deepest appreciation for the kind attention. Now I REALLY can't wait to visit -- especially since I can see where you are, on the map! It has been a great pleasure to do business with you and be assured I will do so again. "

From: Don
Living in: Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA

" I got home late tonight to the most wonderful surprise, especially after a very long day. The St. Christopher medal arrived. I was totally awed by everything you much that I had to awaken my wife to show her. She so loves chocolate too. You are the best I have ever dealt with on ebay and I hope I have an opportunity to buy again in the future. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. Many many thanks for such genorsity and kindness! Have a truly blessed day! "

From: Margot
Living in: Old Chatham, New York, USA

" I am a dealer in upstate New York. I have just spend over an hour looking at, and reading your wonderful comments on each bidding page. You have done such a wonderful job - and although I thought I was fairly knowledgeable, I learned a great deal during this "tour". Once again - my thanks and congratulations for the beautiful job you have done. I only wish that others would follow your lead. "

From: Karen
Living in: Weston, Connecticut, USA

" I just wanted to let you know that the gold and pearl ring arrived safely. The ring is absolutely beautiful and I want to thank you all for such a thoroughly pleasant experience. The payment process was easy, the shipping was incredibly fast (and it was a lot of fun tracking my item across the world!) and your packaging was spectacular! I've never seen anything so beautifully presented. You really know how to do things right! I would love to do business together again soon. Thank you for everything. "

From: Doreen
Living in: East Sussex, UK

" It came! I've never opened such an exciting parcel in my life. Now I understand about 'the box'. The ring is so unusual and it fits me perfectly - it was te be a present, but I don't think I can part with it..... What else can I say? Thanks a lot. A great thing to happen on a dull February day! "

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